Mana Forges

Created by the Triple ‘M’ Co, the use of mana forges has been debated for some time, but because of MMM Co.’s financial influence, the forges have gained enough backing to start construction. Currently there are mana forges on every continent except Saguntara, though plans have been made and the first steps to construct one have been completed.

Aside from the Hidden Potential granted to some items created, the main use of mana forges is to amplify a magical crafter’s energy resulting in about triple the output of that same crafter creating alone. It does this by concentrating the mana existing between planes into one location allowing a magic user to “pull” more energy out of his or her surroundings.

Though mana forges have a great use, there are also some unfortunate side effects to them. First off, they require land, a good deal of it cleared for use. Criminal activity has increased possibly because of misplaced citizens that have nowhere to go. Second, the mana forges seem to have an effect on the local wildlife. Animals too close to the forge seem to become irate, mutate slightly, and have a shorter life-span. NiPA, the Nature is Perfection Association, has staged protests, some ending violently, to stop the construction of what they call MMM Co.’s “abominations.”

A side effect nobody can agree on is the production of Mana Remnants, also known as Odyssey Powder.

Mana Forges

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